Global Services

Looking for a powerful yet safe voting and survey service?

Use the POLL SERVICEin the right place at the right time with the cloud service provided by KEVoting

You can experience our service anywhere in the world. The next customer of KEVoting is the world

KEVoting is steadily growing through the continuous improvement of technology and the solution that is currently being supplied with the goal of providing cloud services around the world


Enhanced Security

We provides upgraded security by combining blockchains with existing services. By constantly verifying between nodes, it prevents from hacking and strong confidentiality is guaranteed


  •  아이콘 이미지 Voters
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      Convenient voting

    • 아이콘 이미지

      Check real-time turnout rate

    • 아이콘 이미지

      Checking the results of the election

  •  아이콘 이미지 Vote Manager
    • 아이콘 이미지

      Reducing burden on fairness and reliability

    • 아이콘 이미지

      Shortening the turnout period

    • 아이콘 이미지

      Expected turnout rises

  •  아이콘 이미지 Stakeholders
    • 아이콘 이미지

      Monitoring voting information

    • 아이콘 이미지

      Comparison of voting records between nodes

    • 아이콘 이미지

      Checking for transparent results

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Expected effect


아이콘 이미지

Prevention of hacking and tampering

아이콘 이미지

Stakeholder verification

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Improving online voting reliability

Creating a shared economic ecosystem

In the electronic voting / survey based platform, each partner company will use various services and deal with them. The information exchange between the platform that provides the service and the partners that use the service is made. Through the process, an ecosystem sharing common data is formed.
Within this ecosystem, the blockchain acts as a lubricant and a sticky mediator of the ecosystem to facilitate data sharing and distribution
As a result, platform-based partners can achieve maximum business efficiency at low cost