Electronic Voting

Exercise of my priceless rights! A fair and reliable online voting system is easy and safe

Service overview

  • 1. Receive voting message

  • 2. Vote using various media

  • 3. Quick and clear result

Technical overview

  • 1. Voter authentication

    2. Secure encrypt through the voting engine

  • 3. Secure decrypt through the voting engine

    4. Verifiable and fairly counted results


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    We carry out secret ballot with perfect anonymity guarantee

    Voter's personal information and voting results are saved separately. As a result, voters' voting results are never trackable

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    There is no need to move to vote

    The election period is shortened by enabling quick voting

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    Voters can easily vote through various media.

    It is possible to manage real-time votings, and notifications such as election start can be notified by text message

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    Reliable voting service using verified voting engine

    We control the malicious access and carry out security diagnosis regularly

    We ensure reliability of the results using the voting verification


Proven vote counting engine and various election know-how Providing collective public opinion insight analyzed by machine learning

Service overview

  • 1. Make an open / secret survey

  • 2. After access to survey page through QR code, and response

  • 3. Quick and clear result inquiry

Field of use

You can check survey results
based on demographic information such as Gender / Age / Occupation / Residence

It is possible to respond to the survey promptly anytime and anywhere by accessing through QR code
  • Gender

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  • Age

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  • Occupation

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  • Residence

  • Marketing

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    • Market research

    • Demand forecasting and customer response survey

    • User satisfaction survey

  • Public institutions

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    • General public opinion polls

    • Feedback on the implemented policy

    • Policy satisfaction survey

  • Corporates

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    • Secret Survey to collect opinions of employees

    • Surveys for reference when implementing performance assessment


Online voting and survey service at a reasonable price

Polloud offers a variety of Poll services including electronic voting, survey, and research. You can instantly access services that ensure outstanding reliability and security

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A variety of Poll services are available on the platform